Chitosan for Biomaterials IV

Chitosan for Biomaterials IV
Author : R. Jayakumar
Publisher : Springer Nature
Total Pages : 467
Release : 2021-09-30
ISBN 10 : 9783030830212
ISBN 13 : 3030830217
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Chitosan for Biomaterials IV Book Description:

This volume presents the recent developments on the biomedical applications of chitosan and its derivatives. Chitosan exhibits unique properties such as non-toxicity, biodegradability and biocompatibility. Since its chemical structure and properties can be easily modified, it can be an ideal candidate as a biomaterial. Consequently, chitosan and its derivatives are being developed in different forms such as nanoparticles, micelles, nanofibers, hydrogels, films and 3D porous materials for various biomedical applications, ranging from drug and gene delivery to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The chapters of this volume focus on the potential use of chitosan and its derivatives as a hemostatic agent, tissue sealants, tissue engineering scaffolds, delivery carriers for bioactive molecules in bone tissue engineering and wound dressings. Some chapter’s deal with recent advancements of chitosan-based biomaterials as a drug, gene and transdermal drug delivery carrier. In addition, the volume focusses on the prospects of chitosan-based systems for the treatment of cancer, eye and other infectious diseases. The volume will be of interest to material scientists, chemists and biotechnologists by providing a better understanding of the physicochemical and biological characteristics of chitosan and its derivatives to develop more appropriate and innovative chitosan-based materials modified for unlimited practical applications in biomedical fields.

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